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The wood plies are saturated with Pearl’s proprietary “Acousti Glue” that permeates every pore and dries to the exact consistency of the wood for optimum resonance.

Finally, the plies are formed in high-temperature molds with 1000 PSI of hydraulic pressure to produce perfect drum shells that exhibit superior tone, optimal resonance and extreme strength.

I love putting mine in black frames from Wal-Mart. Simply have them printed at Staples or Costco on 11×17 paper, for a buck or two a piece.

The second size is a gigantic 36×48, sized to be printed as a engineering print at Staples the same way we did on our map project.

Some of the patent prints aren't the earliest design, but may be a common variation or had the coolest drawing.

Travis Landon Barker (born November 14, 1975) is an American musician and producer, best known as the drummer for the rock band Blink-182.

The diverse range of different constructions in this series is what sets it apart from other models.

Some things become so common, it's easy to forget there was a time before they existed. I love these prints: They're minimalist in design and work in any room with almost any kind of frame.

He has continued to work with rappers, releasing extended plays with Yelawolf and Asher Roth and Nottz, as well as with Blink-182 and the Transplants.

Pearl’s Superior Shell Technology utilizes a proprietary technique for achieving the ultimate air chamber.

It begins with select woods chosen for their unique acoustic attributes, milled to precise thickness with overlapping scarf joint seams, for a perfect air-tight fit.

They're offered here, free to download in two sizes.

First, is 11×14, the common size of the Free Art Downloads.

Our custom shop imaging and finishing team can make it a reality over your choice of hand-matched exteriors or one of our seven Artisan Exotic veneers: Cameroon Tamo, Black Limba, Flame Maple African, Zebrawood, Bubinga, Eucalyptus, and Carbonply Masterworks offers a choice of five sonically-tested edges: Outer 45°, Outer 60°, Inner 45°, Rounded 45°, Fully Rounded The perfect blend of tone, attack, and body.• Ideal for general purpose applications.• Equal tonal amounts of hi-end attack, mid-range body, andlow-end punch.• North American hardwood with rich, even grain.