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The file may also contain other security information, such as your public key (we need the certificate to indicate if that is or is not your public key) and the private key.Note that both the public key and certificate can be posted on billboards and that doesn’t compromise your security, but if you accidentally let your private key loose, (e.g., uploading it to a random website found online), you may compromise your wireless network and everything else you are securing with this information. (Note: If you notice your file contains multiple "-- BEGIN..." lines, your file contains multiple items, possibly including your private keys.This ensures that no one is masquerading as the Secure Mustang Wireless network. The following set-up instructions were produced using a Windows 8 laptop and a manual configuration of the wireless network.If you have any problems with connecting to the network, please contact the Service Desk at the Natatorium in Building 46, or at (805) 756-7000.If the box was checked, then that was why you were getting the “unable to find a certificate to log you on to the network” message because Windows is looking for one, but your wireless router is not setup for certificate security. Once I unchecked that box and tried to reconnect to the wireless network, everything worked fine! Aerohive delivers an enterprise Wi-Fi infrastructure solution that enhances the Apple mobile device connectivity experience, and takes only minutes to deploy.To install a certificate you will need the certificate from your security server (refer to your IT department). Once it is installed, select the "Do not use CA certificates" checkbox to clear it.It needs to be in Base64 encoding with a ".pem" extension (see below for details). Certificate Types There are two main types of certificate encoding, Binary and Base64. If it is Base64 encoded, you can rename the file to have a extension.

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Aerohive and Ekahau tools enable Aerohive field engineers, channel partners, and customers to design Wi-Fi networks that truly work.By combining Aerohive’s controller-less architecture with Impulse’s managed support service approach to automating device security policy management, we created an unmatched offering and value proposition for BYOD centric organizations.