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08-Oct-2017 23:47

Meet someone or just have fun talking, flirting and exchanging hot messages with other sexy singles.Call our chat line and talk to other singles in your area and meet fun talkative women and men.Who knows it may just change your life, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.— An Apex man has been charged with statutory rape and is being accused of using a telephone chat line to meet a 14-year-old girl.Or was this just a chat line where anyone could participate and you were just talking about a variety of subjects?It was just a chat line free trial - anyone could participate via profile'sit was for phone sex - no personal information was given outno addresses or phone numbers or names etc - nothing happened as far as the phone sex - and the person seemed more concerned about her phone bill - and the chat line said it was all the other peoples fault not theirs - they do have a 18 disclaimer before you get on the line - it it a dating what ever line - like a party line Thank you for your reply.

I was on a phone chat line and afterwords got a call from someone that they persons mother that they were 14yrs old - and she called the cops and they have my phone number and address - I dont recall talking to anybody in any lengthshould I be worried ? I just want to clarify, when you say a phone chat line, were you discussing having sex together, setting up a time and place, for exmaple?Find out more about our Free Phone Chat Lines Offering one phone chat for casual dating and flirting.

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