Stop itunes from not updating podcasts pros and cons updating to cs4

24-Jan-2018 15:22

We love podcasts because they are a great way for busy people to learn, laugh, stay informed while you're on the go.We started with the Player FM web app, which works on desktop, phone, and tablets; and now we have the Android app too.You can just use standard play controls, like you would in Apple Music.To unsubscribe, just tap the podcast and tap the Unsubscribe button.Podcasts should now be able to connect to i Tunes again and let you stream or download shows as normal.

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It can still play previously downloaded episodes, but when it tries to refresh or stream, it crashes.

It's a little too much manual effort for my liking.

So I started to look into ways to make my life easier.

I'm a big Podcast fan, I like to listen to them through-out the day in my home office whilst I am working.

Up until now, I've been manually downloading the Podcast MP3's onto a NAS device and linking the file share with SONOS to be able to play them.

Android 6.0 has a new feature called Doze mode which allows the device to limit the battery usage when the device is left untouched for some time.